Katembo Group delivers all qualities and all origins for sugar, including 45 ICUMSA and above. We are able to supply all products our clients are looking for.

Our Sugar business is growing to become one of the leading traders of containerized sugar in East Africa, and specifically in the Horn of Africa. In Ethiopia, we have supplied to all major consumers including major breweries and wineries in local currency.

With our unique trade and operations expertise, we are able to deploy our logistics expert to supply sugar to your warehouse. From origination in India or Brazil, to selling sugars in East Africa, our experts have been dealing with delivering product in containers for many years.

We are operating from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with a strong presence in Djibouti.

We also deal with Matadi port for DR Congo market. Here some elements of our offers:

  • Type: 45 Icumsa to above
  • Origin: India, Brasil, Pakistan
  • Delivery: CIF Djibouti, Mombasa, Matadi
  • Ethiopia market: Delivery at client warehouse when needed