Marketing & Trading

Various companies are constantly looking for new sources of critical raw materials. Despite abundance of these commodities in DR Congo, the political instability and inaccessibility have prevented many companies to find a reliable supplier.
Katembo Group is pioneering the supply of critical minerals for clean energy. We focus on battery raw materials and Rare Earth Elements (REE) from DR Congo. Our company has developed new markets for these commodities using small scale mines and mining cooperatives from DRC. Our company helps its clients in the sourcing of the 3T (Tin, Tantalum, Tungsten), Niobium, Monazite, Spodumene from DR Congo.

We have the capabilities of sourcing the following minerals from DR Congo:

  • Tantalite
  • Niobium
  • Monazite
  • Spodumene
Mining Development

Katembo Group supports various mining and manufacturing companies to enter the DR Congo market.
We organized a market exploration trip for 20 European and Chinese companies to Kinshasa and Lubumbashi, helping these companies access the energy, mining and raw material sector in DRC. Generally, the activities range from market assessment, company & product profiles, project visit, presentational events, negotiations & meetings organizations. Our consulting proposals provide to our clients the following:

  • An outline of energy, mining and natural resources projects,
  • Advice on how the client company can efficiently approach and access energy and mineral resources project in target countries.

The objectives are (1) to analyze the market and develop a guide that will help our clients to access and develop mining and energy projects, and (2) to identify current and potential projects in the mining sectors and propose a market exploration strategy.

This way, we ensure our clients understand the dynamics of doing business in Africa, helping them to access to energy and mining projects. We also explore business opportunities and propose solutions for companies willing to enter the the African market.


Katembo Group Capability Statement
Katembo Group Capability Statement

Katembo Group (KG) is an indigenous advisory firm providing access to cross-sector investment, trading, and consulting opportunities in Africa.