Katembo Group is sourcing transactions to equity and credit firms in Sub Sahara Africa by acting as a point of contact between the borrowers and the firms.

We introduce various project across the continent to investment firms seeking for companies involved in the intra-African trade and export development / manufacturing. Many governments have also benefited from our services, using our expertise to structure their public private partnership projects.

The following are the criteria on our checklist:

  1. GROWTH: Company that has already demonstrated and achieved notable growth and (‘mid-market player’) looks to jump onto next scale;
  2. TURN OVER : > $10mUSD
  3. EBITDA : > $1,5mUSD.
  4. SUSTAINABLE INDEBTEDNESS: Debt should be kept Under reasonable position to enable anticipating a reasonable levels post-financing; Debt to Equity Ratio : 3,5x (Equal or smaller).
  5. LIQUIDITY: The candidate company must display a satisfactory liquidity degree : Though the liquidity Indicator, deemed to be healthy is usually depending on regarded sector (trade-financing or Banking holding opposite ratio as opposed to direct investment), in any case current assets must significantly exceed liability, to provide relevant working capital.
  6. PROFITABILITY: The selected company should have had at least 2 profitable years out of the 3 last years to meet the ultimate MRAC for standing best chances to reach a successful financing application.


Investment criteria
Investment criteria

Katembo Group, in collaboration with its financial partners, is committed to supporting African companies to integrate into this new Africa by facilitating access to financing for projects with a scalable potential with impact on development.

Due Diligence Services
Due Diligence Services

Katembo Group’s due diligence services assess the benefits and the liabilities of a proposed acquisition by inquiring into all relevant aspects of the past, present, and predictable future of the business to be acquired by its clients.