• Supplying
    Minerals for
    Clean Energy

    We are pioneering the supply of critical minerals for clean energy. We focus on battery raw materials and Rare Earth Elements (REE) from DR Congo.

  • Unleashing

    Katembo Group provides unique access to a diversified portfolio of projects and trading opportunities across the African continent.

  • Making
    African goods

    We supply high-quality Ethiopian coffee, while offering optimized services for both local farmers, cooperatives and international buyers.

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KG is a trading and advisory firm based in DR Congo.

Katembo Group (KG) is a trading and investment advisory firm providing access to cross-sector investment, trading, and consulting opportunities in Africa. We provide unique access to a diversified portfolio of trading and investment opportunities across the continent.

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and Metals

We focus on energy mining projects in DRC, Somaliland and Ethiopia.

and Investment

Make us your fiduciary financial and investment advisor.


We import Sugar, Edible Oil, dry Fish and export Coffee.

and Logistics

We optimize our clients' transport and logistics operations.

Strategic Minerals at the core of our business model.

Katembo Group supported various mining and manufacturing companies to enter the Congo market. We organized a market exploration for the energy, mining and raw material vital to key sectors such as electronic, battery and aeronautics.

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Investment Advisory

Assisting private credit and equity firms to identify new SMEs seeking for finance in DRC and the East Africa countries.

Katembo Group is sourcing transactions to equity and credit firms in Sub Sahara Africa by acting as a point of contact between the borrowers and the firms.

We introduce various project across the continent to investment firms seeking for companies involved in the intra-African trade and export development / manufacturing. Many governments have also benefited from our services, using our expertise to structure their public private partnership projects.

Our due diligence services assess the benefits and the liabilities of a proposed acquisition by inquiring into all relevant aspects of the past, present, and predictable future of the business to be acquired by its clients.

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Commodities Trading


Our sister company K&E Trading, in partnership with Abebe Mulugeta Genet (AMG), supplies high-quality Ethiopian coffee. It offers optimized services for both local farmers, cooperatives and buyers.


We source raw and white sugar in India and Brazil and supply to various East Africa countries such as Ethiopia, DR Congo, Tanzania and Burundi.


Our company is facilitating the imports and exports of various other commodities such as grains and edible oils from Ukraine and Russia.

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