Our Clients

Katembo Group has initiated discussions and signed agreements with seasoning client segments:

  • Project clients: Katembo Group manages a portfolio of projects and makes them accessible to potential investors and companies alike. Given our strong relationships on the ground, we enjoy close and personal access to valuable projects and, in many cases, the exclusive mandate to represent our project clients.
  • Investment clients: Corporate investment clients and high net-worth individuals are expressing the need to partner and collaborate with local African firms with international standards to identify opportunities, carry out due diligence, and provide high quality and reliable assessments regarding available projects for investment. To this end, Katembo Group identifies promising projects and performs due diligence on behalf of its investment clients.
  • Not for Profits and Governments: Our company works with ambitious companies and organizations who are committed to improve the socioeconomic development of DRC and eager to help public and private sector entities do the work they do better.


We provide the best client services in the industry.

  • Single point of contact: KG offers single point of contact service so that you only have to make one call to the project leader to address any items, regardless of your project portfolio.
  • Intelligence and insights: KG has a strong network and intelligence information enabling all clients to benefit for their projects.
  • Technology and communication: KG operates off a common technology platform which is based on a consistent global format. The company also has enough IT skills to adapt to clients requirements.
  • Quality and risk management: KG has a dedicated Project Quality Assurance team to ensure projects have the highest quality standard.
  • Accountability: Confidentiality of our client’s information is top of mind to everyone at KG and one of the keys to our success.