Katembo Group is an indigenous investment advisory firm providing access to cross-sectoral investment, trading, and consulting opportunities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

We provide unique access to a diversified portfolio of projects across DRC and the greater Central African region, with imminent plans to expand into projects in West and East Africa as well.

01. Unique in DR Congo

There are few indigenous advisory firms in the DRC and the region. International investment firms lack a deep understanding of local business norms and processes. KG seamlessly bridges this gap.

02. Trusted Specialists

We specialized in identifying entrepreneurs in a wide range of sectors and matching them with international investors seeking both ethical and lucrative opportunities in the DRC and the greater East African region.

03. Optimal partnership

Thanks to our multifaceted understanding of the local and international context of a wide range of project types and sectors, KG provides an optimal partnership experience for international firms seeking indigenous counterparts with the capacity to match their rigorous quality and delivery standards.

04. Our key strength

Our key strength lies in the strong personal relationships we have with each of our project and investment clients, which allows us to leverage our networks in Africa, Europe, North America, and Asia to access exclusive projects and investments.

Company History

Ely Katembo, the Group’s founder, was born and raised in the North Kivu province, in the eastern DRC. There, he witnessed on a daily basis the poverty traps that constrain many enterprising Africans. Most vividly, Ely recalls his encounter with two young Congolese entrepreneurs living in the Masisi Mountains who owned precious metals and lands, but were forced to sell them at modest prices for lack of access to capital and market information. This contrast between these young men’s abundant natural wealth and their poverty—a microcosm of the DRC as a whole—struck Ely as an injustice, but one that he had the capacity to alleviate.


Empowering Congolese Entrepreneurs

Ely’s vision was to create a means of connecting those Congolese entrepreneurs with whom he had personal relationships to potential investment partners abroad, who in turn would benefit from an insider’s understanding of the DRC context. This vision started to take form in the Katembo Group.


The Group’s business concept

The KG business concept, based on the idea of relationship-based entrepreneurship, was first introduced to a handful of investors from Asia, North America, and Africa interested in both ethical and lucrative investment opportunities in the DRC and the greater East African region. Together, they identified appropriate projects in agriculture, mining, ICT, energy, and other sectors in the East African region.


Accessing exclusive business deals

Katembo Group obtained project mandates from natural resource concession owners, under which the Group can provide access to select projects. Currently, KG has entered into agreement with investment advisory firms worldwide which are reviewing several of its projects ranging from the hospitality sector to mining exploitation.


Strengthening the Group’s mission and vision

KG’s mission is to enable DRC project clients to access the finance, trading markets, and business synergies necessary to grow ethical and long-term sustainable enterprises and create thousands of jobs within their communities. We will continue to seek investment and trading transactions that are free of corruption and operated in accordance with global standards of corporate social responsibility, including environmental compliance.